So iOS 7 is officially being released today and you want to upgrade but not sure how? Here’s how…

Step 1: Check your apps work with iOS 7.

Check any critical apps (e.g if you use your device for business) are compatible with iOS 7 before you upgrade. If they aren’t then you may want to hold off for a while.

Step 2: Backup

  • To backup using iTunes (I’d recommend this as it keeps a physical copy on your computer), connect your iPhone/iPad via USB, open iTunes and select your device on the left hand side. Once selected, choose ‘Back Up Now’ from the right screen OR right click on device and choose ‘Back Up’. Now’s also a good time to update your iTunes if you haven’t recenty.
  • To backup with iCloud: Simply go to ‘Settings’, navigate to ‘iCloud’, choose ‘Backup & Storage’, and click ‘Back Up Now’. This depends on how much storage you have on your account.

Step 3: Copy your photos to iPhoto

The backup above should (in theory) back up your photos too but I like to be double safe and always pull any photos off my iPhone/iPad by importing them in iPhoto (or Apeture/Lightroom/your flavour of photo management).

Step 4: Download & install iOS 7

  • From iTunes (recommended): Select your device from the lest hand side again and this time press the ‘Check for update’ button on the right screen. This should inform you a new update is available for download and install. Simply follow in the instructions online. Once it’s all done you now have Apple’s latest iOS on your iPhone/iPad. 
  • From your iPhone/iPad directly: Go to ‘Settings’, ‘General’ and choose ‘Software update’. This will look for the new iOS update and download and install it on to your device.

I’ve not used any early releases of iOS yet, wish I could say I’m super excited but truthfully a little skeptical about some of the new design elements (I think some of it looks unfinished). I am sincerley hoping the whole UI is a great experience.

Important note:
Everytime a new iOS is released, Apple’s servers suffer from heavy traffic so you may want to wait until tomorrow morning before downloading. But you’re not going to listen to that right? Thought not. Oh well, you’ve been warned…