When we became parents for the first time there were a lot of products to think about and one particularly important item on the list was a good quality baby monitor.

Now I’m the type of geek guy that likes to do a fair bit of research on a gadget before buying it and in this case narrowed it down to two items:

  1. Samsung Secure View Baby Monitor (Amazon US / Amazon UK)
  2. Summer Infant Baby Touch (Amazon US / Amazon UK)

Aside from the fact I’ve never heard about the Summer Infant brand (strange name), the features listed by the Samsung (and the silly mindset of it being more expensive so must be better) made it my preferred choice – I really liked that you could hook it up to Skype and remotely view from another location via the internet. This however was let down by the fact you could only do so by linking the camera to a laptop, which made the feature pointless, for me anyway.

After surfing blogs, mothers forums and throwing out the question to facebook friends it looked like the Summer Infant won my vote and I’m so happy with the purchase. We’ve been using it for 17 months now and it’s never let us down. For that reason, I’m highly recommending it to new parents / parent looking to upgrade their monitor.

So in bullet point format here are a list of the features the Summer Infant Baby Touch brings to the table:

  • Touch screen control
  • Good quality video and audio both in daytime and night vision.
  • Easy to use / set up (i.e wife and grandparent friendly)
  • Future proof for when our family grows; you can add up to a total of four cameras and switch/control each one from the main control unit.
  • Pan left, right, up down and zoom feature.
  • Loud audio (with volume control).
  • Talk button. We use this to let the other person know to bring up some milk, etc. I’d imagine this will be great to communicate with older children.
  • Camera’s can be made portable by attaching a battery base (4 AA’s).
  • Ability to be audio only if required.
  • Built in stand for control unit when using it portably OR dedicated charger stand when connected to mains (i.e by my bedside cabinet overnight)
  • Stylish to look at (black/silver) and most guests think it’s a new iPhone.
  • Displays room temperature.
  • Can plug the control unit to a TV/larger screen via aux out socket.

The only negative I can think of is that the room temperature display reading is higher than the cot thermometre, but that maybe because heat rises and I have installed the camera near the ceiling.


If you are in the market for a baby monitor, I’d strongly suggest going for this one. It’s seriously that good. We’ve had parents come over and commented on how they wished they had bought it instead of the one they ended up with, so I thought it would be worth popping a recommendation on my blog. With us now expecting twins (yes that makes us parents of three children under two!), it’s great to know we can simply purchase an additional camera instead of buying a seperate monitor.

After almost two years of parenting, it’s very easy to say that this baby monitor has been the most useful parenting gadget we’ve ever bought.