I love online gaming, and have a great community of online gamers over at: www.maddoggamers.org. Every now and then some of us get problems signing into the PlayStation Network (PSN) which is very frustrating when you have 10 or so players waiting on you to sign in and kick off a server! After checking internet connection, router and ethernet cable for errors – everything seems fine, so what’s the problem? Answer: DNS settings.

The error code I usually get is 80710102 and it seems to be a common issue – i.e internet browsing is working fine but can’t sign into PSN. Is there a solution? Yes (it wouldn’t be much of an article if there wasn’t!), the following steps have worked for me 99% of the time:

  1. On the PlayStation XMB menu go to ‘Settings’
  2. Scroll down to ‘Network Settings’ & then scroll to ‘Internet Connection Settings’
  3. It will ask you to select a setting method, choose ‘Custom’
  4. Choose Wired or Wireless dependant on what you are using
  5. On the next two screens choose ‘Auto-Detect’ and on the DHCP host name screen choose ‘Do Not Set’
  6. Now you should be on the DNS Setting screen and this is where you need to choose ‘Manual’ and put in the following: Primary DNS
  7. Go to next screen, MTU and choose ‘Automatic’ then the following screen Proxy Server ‘Do Not Use’ (unless you have a Proxy Server you are using)
  8. UPNP: ‘Enable’
  9. Final screen press X to save the settings

You can now test the settings to see if it worked. If not you can try instead as your Primary DNS in step 6 above.

If this did/didn’t worked for you, I’d love to hear back from you in the comments section below.

Happy gaming…


You could also try Google’s Public DNS settings to see if that works for you? These are and (Primary and Secondary).